Keto Banana Bread Recipe


Moist and super simple to make: this sugar free banana bread is perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. At 4.4g net carbs per slice, it is suitable for low carb diets. Gluten free and grain free.

A fresh Banana  with a Low Carb Keto Bread

There’s lots of people around who will tell you bananas are “not allowed” when you’re eating low carb. Here’s what I think: A banana is high in sugar and carbs. But if you’re choosing your recipe wisely, you can enjoy all the banana taste without actually letting your blood sugar rocket sky-high.

Most low carb banana bread recipes use banana flavouring instead of a real banana. This obviously keeps the carb count really low. But I think you’ll never get close to the taste of a REAL banana with extracts, not to mention the wonderful moist texture of a legit banana bread.

Bananas have a very intense flavour. 1/2 a cup of mashed banana – that’s one large banana or 2 small ones – is enough to create a bread that’s low in carbs and low in sugars. This keto banana bread contains 1/8 of a banana (I’d say that is about 1 bite) and 4.4 grams of net carbs per slice.


Mashed Potato and Egg for Keto Banana Brea Recipe.

1.) Put the eggs, mashed banana and melted butter in a bowl. Blend until smooth and frothy with an electric

TIP: It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to use an overripe banana in this recipe. It should have lingered in your fruit basket forever and have brown specks on the skin.

Mixed ingredients for keto banana bread plus mixed ingredients in a small container

2.) Stir together the dry ingredients – almond flour, erythritol, cinnamon and baking powder – in a separate bowl. Then add to the egg mix.

I used golden erythritol in the images, which is a brown sugar replacement. But any granulated sweetener will work.

Doug for our recipe using Blender
Dough with crushed walnut for our recipe

3.) Blend!

4.) Last, stir in the crushed walnuts, keeping some back for decorating.

Finally, Our delicious Keto Banana Bread is ready. So, lets get ready to rumble.

5.) Fill into a bread tin lined with parchment paper and bake for 40 minutes.

Tip: Check after 30 minutes to see if the banana bread is browned already. If so, cover loosely with aluminium foil for the last 10 minutes to prevent burning. (I covered my bread at minute 35 and found that it was browned a little much for my liking.)

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