Keto Diet Reddit Success Story

This is my Keto Diet Reddit Success Story, A few years ago I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and was told a lot of things by a lot of people. Doctors, friends, family, people I worked with. There is a lot of information out there and a terrifying amount of it is in conflict with itself.

My blood glucose was a mess. I was swinging up and down and felt horrible and unsteady. I remember one night I went out and had a small amount of Sushi and then spent the next ten hours trying to control the madness of blood sugar spiking after the fact. And it was around then that I realized I had finally reached my limit. I’d had enough.

Against what many will preach to T1 diabetics, or really diabetics in general (t2, t1.5) I went Keto. And for my own sake, I have stayed Keto. My blood glucose levels since then have been steadier than I ever imagined, and while sometimes I still mess up and get a random spike, my body does not feel sick all the time. With a 5.1 A1c I actually had a moment with my doctor where they visibly and audibly stopped short, mid-lecture on why I need to eat more carbohydrates, and then nodded before telling me to keep doing what I’m doing. That as long as my blood tests keep coming back normal, they were not going to rock the boat.

So anyways, in my opinion: Keto is great. As a T1 sometimes I have to “cheat” to correct bg and prevent lows, so it took a lot of tinkering with it before I found my stride, but just sticking with the bare-minimum basics of cheap cuts of fatty beef, bags upon bags of broccoli, and small amounts of peanut butter, has taken me far. Cutting down to no more than two meals a day within an 8 hour window, and I’ve found weight-loss and exercise to be more manageable too.

I know at this point I’m ranting a bit, but I’d just like to say I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, and overall feel much much much healthier than I did prior to starting this, and I encourage people to try it themselves. While non-diabetic people might be able to handle the accepted levels of carbohydrates in the average diet, I strongly feel that continuing down that path as a T1 would probably have killed me, eventually. I feel that dosing larger quantities of insulin to try and control the serious spike that comes with large amounts of carbs is just too much on the body, and with the very real chance of error, it was not healthy for me.

This is my Keto Diet Reddit Success Story, A few years ago I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and was told a lot of things by a lot of people.
Keto Diet Reddit Story

Below I’ve included some observations that might be helpful for people. I am a fun control group for Keto because I make 0 insulin, so when my blood sugar spikes it’s a pretty good correlation for what might knock a normal person out of Ketosis. Just note, these observations are purely subjective to me. I am just a singular person who wears imbedded tech in his arm to monitor blood sugar 24/7, and not a large scale study or anything.


Beef – Slow but steady rise of bg (blood glucose), lasts a few hours. Nothing major.

Chicken/Turkey – Slow, yet larger rise of bg than beef. Nothing major, but consistently larger increases than beef. Not sure why. Wondering if it has to do with what the birds eat.

Bacon – Basically like beef, but sometimes see the increase of bg continue for longer periods of time. Since it is so high in salt I don’t tend to eat a lot of bacon.

Pork – About the same as beef.

Fish – does not have much of an impact. Possibly less than beef, but fish tends to be more expensive near me so I almost never buy any.


Broccoli/Cauliflower/Celery are the safest. Broccoli is pretty much my staple go-to food. Tomatoes can be trusted in small amounts, but NOT more than 3-4 cherry tomatoes. Then things get wonky. Brussel Sprouts are also relatively trustworthy, but they seem to spike worse than broccoli for me.

Onions/garlic/green peppers/carrots – only safe in small amounts. Large increase in bg. Lettuce is honestly pretty bad depending on the kind. Would recommend spring mix, seems to impact bg less.

Other things

Nuts of any kind are safe, but only in small amounts. Larger amounts absolutely spike bg. There’s def a misconception that this isn’t the case. Same for meats. People say these don’t spike bg, but I can tell you with consistent data that they most certainly do if you eat too much of them. No more than one spoon of peanut butter at a time (no matter how good it is)

Diet sodas do nothing to blood glucose, but they make you bloated and seem to make water weight stick around. Regular soda is the worst thing you can do, short of just drinking maple syrup or something. Honey is also bad, but less bad than maple syrup. Still would avoid.

Juice – this is an interesting one. I will drink 5-10oz of fruit juice before going for a run or doing any heavy physical activity specifically because it increases blood glucose rapidly. For normal people on keto who do not need to inject insulin, I would avoid juice, but for my own personal health and safety it is a necessary part of the tool kit.

Bread is the devil. Rice is the super devil.

Fried foods of almost any kind like you might see as take out will destroy you. Chinese food is dangerous. Pizza is equivalently difficult. Extreme bg spikes and larger doses of insulin needed to handle those.

Whiskey/bourbon/rum/any alcohol like those seem to have almost no impact on blood glucose. But if you drink too much your blood glucose goes down. Possibly to a dangerous degree in my case. Moderation suggested. Beer is “ok” if it’s a light beer and only one. IPA are like drinking bread, and off the menu. Black coffee does nothing, and is wonderful.

This is my Keto Diet Reddit story, I am happy to answer specific questions on what eating random things has done to me if you’re curious.

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